SF holds Peace Love & Understanding Rally against Racism

August 26, 2017 – Thousands of residents from the Bay area and beyond attended the City of San Francisco’s “Peace, Love, & Understanding” Rally this past weekend.  The event, organized in response to a planned event by the group calling itself “Patriot for Prayer”, was a show of unity aimed at countering the violence that has occurred over the past few weeks.

The crowd, young & old, expressed themselves through dance, art, fashion and performances.  Many from the LGBTQ community marched to Civic Center Plaza as the Castro District held its own rally protesting hate, racism, and intolerance.

All in all it was a beautiful thing to see so many races, ethnicities, and genders attending the event.  The Bay area truly represented what diverse really means. We witness the event and were able to capture some images from the event.

With such a show of force by city officials, law enforcement and ultimately the large turnout by counter-protesters, the Patriot Prayer rally was canceled at the last minute due to “security concerns” and their belief that they are being mislabeled as racists.  We won’t comment on that one.

We attended the event and thought of sharing some images from the rally.  Enjoy.




82 year-old Japanese DJ Who Also Cooks

Sumiko Iwamuro — aka DJ Sumirock — runs a dumpling restaurant by day and DJs in clubs by night in her hometown of Tokyo.  She holds down a monthly residency at DecaBarZ nightclub in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, after she first got into DJing a decade ago at the tender age of 70.

Describing the music she plays, DJ Sumirock says: “It’s fundamentally techno music, but just that would be boring. I add jazz, French chanson and a bit of classical music.”

Dubbed “DJ Dumpling” by news outlets, she’s been popping all up over the internet thanks to a feature on Al Jazeera, you can watch their mini-documentary on DJ Sumirock below.