"QUARTERBLACK: The Rise Of the Black QB" Documentary

After a very interesting pandemic-affected NFL football season, and a year of social unrest regarding racial justice, a new documentary about African-American quarterbacks is slated to air this year. QUARTERBLACK: The Rise Of The Black Quarterback delves into the history, evolution and contributions of the NFL black quarterback. For decades NFL teams have mostly passed on drafting or signing black college quarterbacks. Pro scouts acknowledged their athleticism but cited their lack of understanding of pro-style offenses and defenses as the primary reason these gifted athletes were not considered. 

This story will chronicle how the NFL evolved from a league featuring predominately white quarterbacks, to today where many more teams are have starting black quarterbacks. Viewers will get to learn more about the players that came up under Jim Crow laws and had to overcome the stigmas that came with being a black football player, and how the position today is dominated by players who can throw, run and impact the outcome of a game.

The film is executive produced by NFL Pro Bowl DE Calais Campbell of the Baltimore Ravens, former Discovery Communications Executive and Premo Network Founder Cary Grant, and Lathan Hodge, former BET Executive and manager of Public Enemy. The film is co-produced by writer Phillip Bobo, a former NFL receiver, and Paul Eckstein, writer and producer of Narcos, and creator of Godfather of Harlem, comedian/actor and former NFL player Jared Campbell and Khamisi Norwood, who also is serving as Director of Cinematography.

The film will include interviews with current and former players, coaches, media journalists and. historians who will discuss the social impact that Black quarterbacks have had on not only the game of football, but American Society as a whole.

The project is currently in pre-production and will be released at the start of the 2021 NFL season.

More updates and details to come....