Afghan All-girl Robotics Team Members, Journalists Land in Mexico

Since the recent Taliban takeover, many countries have scrambled to evacuate Afghan citizens trying to flee the country. Among the thousands of refugees trying to escape Kabul, were five members of an all-girl Afghan robotics team that safely arrived in Mexico on August 24th. 

"We give you the warmest welcome to Mexico," said Mexican Deputy Foreign Minister Martha Delgado as she greeted the robotics team members during a news conference at Mexico City's international airport late on Tuesday.

The robotics team, with the youngest member being 14, has won international awards for their work and recently started working on an open-source ventilator as the coronavirus swept Afghanistan.

According to Reuters: “Mexico has pledged to aid Afghan women and girls. Ebrard said on Aug. 18 that the country was processing refugee applications of Afghan citizens, especially women and girls, with the aid of Guillermo Puente Ordorica, Ambassador of Mexico in Iran.