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After several tense days of not knowing what exactly is going on with the 2020 Presidential election, voting results in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia have made it official. Major news outlets, led by the Associated Press, and just about everyone around the world confirmed that former Vice President Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th President of the United States. Not lost on that, Senator Kamala Harris will now be the next Vice President, and more importantly the first female, first African-American, first Asian-American elected to the 2nd highest office in the U.S.

An extraordinary achievement for an extraordinary public servant, an HBCU graduate and a Bay area native, who again broke barriers to a position reserved for white men - up until now. It was Philadelphia that helped carried the Biden-Harris ticket over the Electoral threshold of 270, with Arizona and Nevada helping to propel Biden to victory. Although the final vote tally has not been completed in these states, it became apparent by Saturday, November 7, that the results continue to favor Biden. The Trump campaign has begun its efforts to challenge the results, with many lawsuits around the country already dismissed. World leaders from American allies like Germany, France, and Canada have already congratulated President-elect Biden and Vice-President Elect Harris, and have publicly expressed their eagerness to work with the new administration.

While Trump supporters in the battleground states have attempted to challenge the vote count and the legitimacy of the election results, Biden supporters took to the streets around the country to celebrate. The interesting element of the protests by Trump supporters is that they have called to halt the vote counting, and then in other states they have called for the vote count to continue and recount the votes. More interesting enough is that Republicans who either won Democratic seats or re-election in the contested states have not been questioned or challenged. So it begs the question as to how is it that those wins have not been questioned by Trump supporters, but only the presidential results are the only ones being questioned, which are the same ballots? The disinformation about voter fraud being spread across social media has been overwhelming, leading many Trump supporters to question every aspect of the voting process, creating more chaos and uncertainty about our elections. It is very obvious that the Electoral college is antiquated and not the best method of determining elections.

President-elect Biden's Saturday speech conveyed the desire for the country to come together and move on to healing our nation. The speech had a tone that was a signal to Trump supporters that all Americans will matter under the Biden administration. The next few weeks leading up to the inauguration will be interesting, especially under the current COVID-19 pandemic and call for racial justice and police reform.