DNA Test Reveals That We Are All The Same

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Who are we? Where do we come from? Do we really know our heritage? These are just a few questions that all people ask themselves. Then there are those who believe they know who they are, where they come from and what their lineage should be. A promotion conducted by travel site Momondo included a campaign where the company selected 67 people from various ethnicities and offered them a DNA test. The participants won a trip to visit the regions which feature in their DNA analysis. More than 167,000 people had entered the competition so far according to the company's own website.

In the video the participants offer their own take on their genetic background and how sure they were of their gene pool. All the participants were very proud of their heritage, nationality and ethnicity, and even had a bias against people they deemed different from them racially and ethnically. It's a resounding theme these days it seems.

After the test results come back 2 weeks later the results and the participants' reaction are amazing. Some of the participants do feel a little rehearsed at times, giving you the thought that they are professional actors, but the reactions seem very real in most cases. Momondo did state on their own website that casting agencies were used to find the participants who used their own names and received their own DNA results. There are some online reports that Danish scientists have contested the DNA test and its reliability to specifically identify whether a person is a 100% French, Danish or Turkish, etc.

Check out the video clip above and judge for yourself, which has received 34 million views on Facebook and 13 views on Youtube. There is a real takeaway here though - a reminder that we really are all the same.