Mark Ruffalo and Common Release Video to Aide Immigrant Families

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Mark Ruffalo andCommon recently released an emotional video featuring families still separated at the border — depicting a visual tale of reported deception, despair, anger and extraordinary love.

“We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis here on U.S. soil,” says Ruffalo, looking directly into the camera at the start of the video released by the advocacy campaign We Stand United. “The Trump administration has failed to comply with the court order to reunify all the families that have been separated on the U.S. border.”

Hip Hop legend, actor and activist Common adds in the video, “Families are still being kept apart, and children are being kept in cages. We need to help these families.”

Among the video footage of a woman cradling her child at the Texas-Mexico border in June 2018, Andra Day’s “Rise Up” begins playing as the voice of migrant mother is heard crying in Spanish, “I need help” and “The only thing I want is for someone to bring me my son.”

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