Mom Lauded For Helping Stop Potential School Shootings

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New Jersey mom Koeberle Bull received a Facebook message threatening her kids from a 20-year old man in Kentucky. She reported the message to local authorities, and when the police confronted Dylan Jarrell in his driveway, he was armed with a gun, a Kevlar vest, and more than 200 rounds of ammunition. Police said he also had “detailed plan of attack” to carry out shootings in two Kentucky school districts.

The message Bull received from Jarrell was filled with hate and threats of violence, calling her a "wanna be" black woman and wished death on her three biracial children.

The mother of three contacted police and told them about the message she received. “He basically used the N-word a lot. He hoped that my children would hang. Something in the back of my mind was like, ‘Do not let this go,’” she told NBC's Nightly News. Authorities said Bull’s phone call tipped off police to a related investigation — and probably prevented a school shooting.

Jarrell has pleaded not guilty to charges of making terroristic threats and harassing communications.