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"Nigerian Prince" follows two characters; Eze, a stubborn, first-generation Nigerian-American teenager and his cousin, Pius, who is a desperate Nigerian Prince scammer.After Eze’s mother sends him to Nigeria against his will, Eze retaliates by teaming up with Pius to scam unsuspecting foreigners in order to earn money for a return ticket back to America.

“Nigerian Prince,” is the first film to win the AT&T/Tribeca “Untold Stories” initiative, a multi-tier alliance between AT&T and the Tribeca Film Institute that supports underrepresented filmmakers and awarded $1 million in funding for the winning script.

The film is directed by Faraday Okoro. Born and raised in the US, Okoro is a graduate of both Howard University and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where he received his MFA. Most of his cast and crew are Nigerian. 

"Nigerian Prince" will debut in select theaters nationwide and on VOD on October 19.