USE OF FORCE - New Documentary Coming To Premo

Police killings of unarmed Black & Brown men and women have brought relations between law enforcement and communities of color to an all-time low. What is happening? How can we solve this epidemic?

USE OF FORCE, a new documentary that delves into the fatal encounters between police and people of color in America. The film will highlight the personal stories of victims who have been killed by the police.

The documentary will take an in-depth look into the history of encounters between police and communities of color; chronicle the journey of the victims’ families as they take on the effort to combat police brutality; provide commentary from thought leaders about the policies and tactics enacted by law enforcement; and debate the politics of our country regarding the use of deadly force by law enforcement.

As the country is reeling from the recent protests of the killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, the film will feature footage, interviews and commentary from thought leaders, law experts, former police officers, criminal justice officials, professional athletes and entrepreneurs who seek to solve the issue of systemic racism and the unnecessary murders of people of color in America.

In addition to the film a new podcast of the same name will be airing on Spotify, Apple Podcast and other platforms to discuss solutions and strategies to address this problem. The podcast will begin airing June 29, 2020.