All Time Great Hip Hop Soundtracks

There’s been so much chatter about the direction of hip hop music over the last couple of years. The old heads decry the lack of creativity, the homogenization of the genre, and the perception that the new guys simply don’t possess the requisite rhyme skills to even be considered in the same conversation as their legendary musical forefathers. While the youngsters, in their colorful clothes, sing-songy deliveries, staccato beats, and minimalist lyricism feel like the old heads don’t respect their form of creativity and that they need to embrace hip hop’s evolution instead of screaming for them to “get off their lawns!” One thing they all share of course, is a love of the music. Particularly those years in the 80’s and 90’s, where they could go to the multiplex, check out a great hip hop flick like “Juice” or “Krush Groove” or “Above The Rim” and then go out and grab the soundtrack on cassette or CD. Even movies that weren’t necessarily hip hop like “Deep Cover” produced some great sound tracks and introduced us to legends like Snoop Dogg. Check out this list of the greatest hip hop soundtracks of all time…and tell us what’s missing!