It’s hoops season y’all! The NBA is back! Slam dunks, three pointers, and broken ankles are going to fill the Sportscenter highlight reels for the next 8 months. Sure we could debate who the most valuable player will be for this season, or we could make a drinking game out of every time Draymond Green kicks a dude in his tenders. And truth be told, those things are going to happen. In the mean time, we thought we’d get you in the mood by putting some hoops-centric cinema on your mind. What are the greatest basketball films of all time? What are your favorites? From Denzel’s most glorious fro ever in, “He Got Game” to Will Ferrell’s most glorious fro ever in “Semi-Pro”, there’s been a plethora of cinematic awesome and cinematic awful for hoop heads and film buffs to choose from. We found comprehensive list on Uproxx via Dime Magazine….which ones are your favorites?