Ever wish you could see some of your favorite old-school movies back on the big screen? Imagine having the opportunity to see the films that may have been the centerpiece of many of your coming-of-age- experiences back at the multiplex. Imagine getting the opportunity to see legendary films like “Coming To America” and “Waiting To Exhale” the way they were meant to be seen one more time? Who wouldn’t love to see some of those great movies your parents shared with you on the old VCR or DVD or on late night TV in their original big screen glory? Well, former Twitter and Reddit executive, Mark Luckie has decided to make sure everyone has that cinematic experience. His “Souled Out Cinema” experience will initially show “Waiting To Exhale” and expand to other theaters. The team has a Kickstarter campaign, with a goal of raising $75,000 by November 17th. Funds will cover securing venues and obtaining licenses to screen films. Donor perks include getting their name shown in the credits before each movie screening, access pre-sale tickets or a lifetime pass to any SOC showing.