New York neo-soul duo Lion Babe has a new single out, “She’s A Lady”, which is a funky take on the classic Tom Jones song from the early 70’s. This act has been steadily building their audience with simmering live performances at top venues and music festivals around the world.  Lead vocalist Jillian Hervey commands attention not just for her glorious big curly hair, but her honey smoked vocals, harking back to the early days of neo-soul. Producer Lucas Goodman, the musical influencer and the other half of the group, provides a serious dose of blended hip-hop beats and live instrumentation.

The duo has been busy it seems releasing music and videos over the past 4 years when they first formed the group while attending college.  Check out the video “Jump Hi” featured on VEVO with Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover.