How many chefs can say they have cooked for Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Kobe Bryant? Well Malachi “Spankihanas” Jenkins and his partner, Roberto “News” Smith, have done it.  Jenkins and Smith started Trap Kitchen LA, a plate-by-plate catering service, in 2013 in a cramped apartment kitchen in their native Compton. The entrepreneurs overcame great odds of living in the midst of the gang turf to start a thriving food business. One would think Trap Kitchen was just about soul food, but these classically trained chefs are bringing a new healthier approach to “cookin’ in the hood”. They cook for locals and celebrities alike, charging $10 a plate and selling upward of 100 meals every day, all with a staff of just two.  In a recent interview on OZY, Jenkins and Smith share their life story of escaping the cycle of gang violence and crime in their community to providing a much needed service.

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