A lot can be said about our education system here in the U.S., and its mostly bad.  But rarely do you hear someone rhyme about it with such eloquence and vigor as Prince EA.  The St. Louis spoken word poet, filmmaker, and speaker recently posted this video “I Just Sued The School System”, and it is an incredible work of art. The video has accummulated over 2.6 million views since its posting on Sept 26.  We would recommend every person who is under the age of 30 to watch this clip. No wait – everyone should watch this clip. There are some moments in watching the video where you have to ask yourself, “what took so long for someone to finally speak the truth?!” Prince EA not only provides a compelling performance but he has created a well-formed argument on why we need art and music as a core component of our school curriculum around the country.

We encourage you to turn up the volume, sit back and just soak it all in.  You can check out videos from Prince EA at his site www.princeea.com or his youtube channel.