Much to chagrin of some in this country, America is more diverse than ever, a true melting pot.  Desegregation of schools ended more than 60 years ago, but it’s still a prevailing issue today.  And John Oliver decided to say something about it in a recent episode of his hit HBO series “Last Week Tonight”, sharing some interesting statistics along the way.  In the segment the comedian called attention to the staggering statistics pertaining to the racial makeup of schools in the New York City area. Yes, that’s right, NYC, Gotham City, the most incredible city in the world has a segregation issue within its school system.  Now one would assume that if we are talking about racial divides, then the good old South would come to mind, given its history of racial intolerance and bigotry.  But nope, it appears that one of the most progressive cities in our nation has some issues. Oliver’s hilarious take on the segregation in US Schools was hilarious while being pointed and accurate.