Haiti is a country that is no stranger to devastation and despair.  The earthquake of 2010 nearly destroyed much of it, leaving many of its citizens homeless, without clean water, housing or job opportunities. The recovery is still ongoing. Over the past year thousands of Haitians have come to the U.S. border seeking asylum and a better life after living in many parts of Latin America, especially Brazil and Venezuela where many found work linked to the 2016 Olympics. As a result of those jobs going away, they ventured north into Mexico, finding an usually welcome atmosphere in Tijuana after many were turned away at the U.S. border.  Immigration officials were said to be overwhelmed by the asylum petitions.

The conditions are not ideal but a far cry from the impoverished atmosphere the refugees left behind in Haiti. Tijuana-based photojournalist Omar Martínez has been documenting the social conditions they live in with photos and video. Martinez has a series of images featured here in a story by Mariana Martinez Esténs.