As the debate about national anthem protests rages on, there are a few voices that have stood out with reasonable and rationale thoughts about this topic.  One of those voices is that of NFL All-Pro defensive back Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers. His recent op-ed article in the New York Times really captured the spirit of how this controversy all begin and why he continues to support the very person that started it all – Colin Kaepernick.

Reid is one of the few people that can really speak on this matter since he was a teammate of Kaepernick and an early supporter of him both on and off the field.  His commentary about how the country has lost focus on why this protest even started and how much good work Kaepernick has done in the community and abroad is both poignant and thoughtful.

Reid, along with 49er teammates Dontae Johnson and Marquise Goodwin even made a video, featured above, and posted on Instagram recently in support of Kaepernick and to protest inequality and discrimination.