What comes after sharing your life on Facebook, your food on Instagram and your selfies on Snapchat?

The next big thing is PicsArt. It started out as a photo editing app, but has organically evolved into a global community of 100 million active users — and very creative ones at that. This Photoshop-esque photo editor (minus the hefty price tag) was designed to allow advanced editing on your phone, but this generation of creatives has taken it to a whole new level. For many of them, creating art on PicsArt seems to be more a way of life than a hobby, as they use the PicsArt app to develop their unique aesthetic and share it with the world online through collages, remixes and custom stickers.

And when they love something, they’re not just passive fans. They create their own unique fan art, like the PicsArt user from Turkey in the above video who creates tutorials for her k-pop edits.

And celebrities and brands are taking notice. PicsArt has worked with brands like Dior and supermodel Natalia Vodianova to engage their fans in a way that allows them to express their creativity by creating fan art.

One thing’s for sure — the emerging generation of online trendsetters craves to express themselves creatively. Many PicsArt users explore every single tool PicsArt comes out with — and there are many. The community is uniquely supportive and experimental. It’s a place that allows its users to experiment and express themselves creatively and without judgement — very different from the traditional Instagram influencers.

Could it be that the next generation of online influencers are the creative kids, and self-made stickers are the new selfies?