New Laker LeBron James has the city of Los Angeles fired up and the team is starting to show just how hyped up they are about his joining the organization with a new promotional video featuring the 15-year veteran and cultural icon.

Glimpses of James’ jersey flash up on the screen before the end of the video with the narrator saying “let the show begin” as his No 23 jersey appears in full.

And Lakers fans were going crazy on social media in response to the video.  One supporter tweeted: “This video got me fired up!!!!”

The Lakers take on the Nuggets against on October 2 at the Staples Center before hosting the Sacramento Kings. A game against cross-city rivals LA Clippers is scheduled for October 6

The 33-year-old could make his debut for the Lakers next month when they begin their pre-season against the Denver Nuggets on September 30.