24-Year-Old Artist Has Made Over $300k In 10 Months Selling NFTs

Lana Denina, a 24-year old artist based in Montreal, had made over $300,000 since February by selling her art as NFTs. At the time, “I didn’t know anything about blockchain,” Denina told CNBC Make It. She started looking into it, and “I was mind blown,” she says. “It was completely revolutionary.”

Denina was drawn to the idea of NFTs because it allows artists to have proof of ownership over their art. “Traditional galleries are kind of like the old world,” since there isn’t much diversity, Denina says. “I never felt fully attracted to it, especially as a woman of color.”

NFTs give the artist the ability to set their own prices and create the galleries they want to create. Some NFts also allow artists to earn a percentage on secondary sales of their art. “I hope to inspire more creatives who look like me to step a foot into tech,” she says.

According to CNBC Denina, “started selling NFTs of paintings she created one by one, but later began to list entire collections. Though both are unique, the single works are one-of-one, non-generative pieces, whereas collections are often generative and meant to be collectibles.”

“It took off very fast. I was really surprised,” Denina says. “I don’t know if I got lucky. It was a big success for me and my partner. We worked a lot on this project, and we were really happy.” 

Denina’s work highlights black culture and people of color which she says has been very popular in the NFT community. 

“When they saw the Mona Lana, they really wanted to buy an NFT,” she says. “Before that, they were looking at other projects, and they didn’t feel fully represented maybe.”

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