NFL Safety Eric Reid Continues Support of Colin Kaepernick

As the debate about national anthem protests rages on, there are a few voices that have stood out with reasonable and rationale thoughts about this topic.  One of those voices is that of NFL All-Pro defensive back Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers. His recent op-ed article in the New York Times really captured the spirit of how this controversy all begin and why he continues to support the very person that started it all – Colin Kaepernick.

Reid is one of the few people that can really speak on this matter since he was a teammate of Kaepernick and an early supporter of him both on and off the field.  His commentary about how the country has lost focus on why this protest even started and how much good work Kaepernick has done in the community and abroad is both poignant and thoughtful.

Reid, along with 49er teammates Dontae Johnson and Marquise Goodwin even made a video, featured above, and posted on Instagram recently in support of Kaepernick and to protest inequality and discrimination.


SF holds Peace Love & Understanding Rally against Racism

August 26, 2017 – Thousands of residents from the Bay area and beyond attended the City of San Francisco’s “Peace, Love, & Understanding” Rally this past weekend.  The event, organized in response to a planned event by the group calling itself “Patriot for Prayer”, was a show of unity aimed at countering the violence that has occurred over the past few weeks.

The crowd, young & old, expressed themselves through dance, art, fashion and performances.  Many from the LGBTQ community marched to Civic Center Plaza as the Castro District held its own rally protesting hate, racism, and intolerance.

All in all it was a beautiful thing to see so many races, ethnicities, and genders attending the event.  The Bay area truly represented what diverse really means. We witness the event and were able to capture some images from the event.

With such a show of force by city officials, law enforcement and ultimately the large turnout by counter-protesters, the Patriot Prayer rally was canceled at the last minute due to “security concerns” and their belief that they are being mislabeled as racists.  We won’t comment on that one.

We attended the event and thought of sharing some images from the rally.  Enjoy.




The Vegas Art Scene

Vegas, America’s adult playground, has another side to it that has been long ignored by most visitors. There is a burgeoning collective of visual artists that are embracing the local flavor and creating incredible art that is inspired by the unique scenery and cultural elements that make up the city.  As featured in the segment above from the The Guardian, Las Vegas has much more to offer…


82 year-old Japanese DJ Who Also Cooks

Sumiko Iwamuro — aka DJ Sumirock — runs a dumpling restaurant by day and DJs in clubs by night in her hometown of Tokyo.  She holds down a monthly residency at DecaBarZ nightclub in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, after she first got into DJing a decade ago at the tender age of 70.

Describing the music she plays, DJ Sumirock says: “It’s fundamentally techno music, but just that would be boring. I add jazz, French chanson and a bit of classical music.”

Dubbed “DJ Dumpling” by news outlets, she’s been popping all up over the internet thanks to a feature on Al Jazeera, you can watch their mini-documentary on DJ Sumirock below.

MOCA & The Underground Museum

n 2015 MOCA and The Underground Museum launched a multiyear collaboration that realizes exhibitions developed by the late artist Noah Davis that use works from MOCA’s esteemed collection of contemporary art. Davis, along with his wife and fellow artist Karon Davis, conceived of The Underground Museum as a space for exhibitions, events, dialogue, and artist collaborations. Located in the working class neighborhood of Arlington Heights, The Underground Museum is a cultural outpost complete with a garden and film screenings, dedicated to ensuring access to contemporary art and ideas for all of LA’s residents.

Non-fiction, the collaboration’s second iteration, pulls together works of art that investigate, either explicitly or implicitly, the culture of violence perpetrated on black citizens. The exhibition features several pieces from MOCA’s permanent collection, including works by Kara Walker, Henry Taylor, and Marion Palfi. Artists Theaster Gates, Robert Gober, David Hammons, Deana Lawson, and Kerry James Marshall have also lent work for the exhibition. Non-fiction promises to be an emotionally charged and complex exhibition, made possible by the integrity and experimental vision that fuels The Underground Museum.

The year-long exhibition will be accompanied by ongoing programs that will include a summer film series, artist talks, meditation sessions in The Underground Museum’s Purple Garden, and more.


ON VIEW MAR 20, 2016 – MAR 1, 2017
The Underground Museum
3508 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018

Free admission



Hoops Cinema

It’s hoops season y’all! The NBA is back! Slam dunks, three pointers, and broken ankles are going to fill the Sportscenter highlight reels for the next 8 months. Sure we could debate who the most valuable player will be for this season, or we could make a drinking game out of every time Draymond Green kicks a dude in his tenders. And truth be told, those things are going to happen. In the mean time, we thought we’d get you in the mood by putting some hoops-centric cinema on your mind. What are the greatest basketball films of all time? What are your favorites? From Denzel’s most glorious fro ever in, “He Got Game” to Will Ferrell’s most glorious fro ever in “Semi-Pro”, there’s been a plethora of cinematic awesome and cinematic awful for hoop heads and film buffs to choose from. We found comprehensive list on Uproxx via Dime Magazine….which ones are your favorites?

Boston’s Theatre District

Boston is a city known for many things – The Celtics, Red Sox, clam chowder, unique dialect, a key player on the birth of our country, but little is known about some of its unique neighborhoods, and the residents who make up the diverse blend of theatre, art, food, and fashion.  The Boston Globe recently featured an interesting photo gallery of Boston’s Theatre District. The city has come a long way from it’s days of segregation.