Teen Hopes To Be First South American Woman In Space

“My ultimate dream is to be the first South American woman to go into space and ultimately to Mars.”


Ivanna Hernandez has been inspired by the stars and the universe ever since she was a child

The astrophysics student has spent the last 14 years attending space camps

and flight schools across the U.S. and Canada

“Whenever I am looking through a telescope all I can think is someday I will like to be up there, and I would like to make a difference for all humanity to go to the stars and to create even more than we already are here on our planet.”

The 19-year-old has been able to pursue her passion

with the help of the STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering, and Mathematics) bursary

from the Mary Kay Foundation

“The reason why it is important is because we need representation. People cannot imagine themselves in those kinds of situations if they cannot see themselves through someone who represents them and who they are. So I want to be that representation not only for kids in South America and probably the rest of the world but also for girls. I want them to also dream about being scientists, about going to space, going to mars and to dream even bigger.”

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