Youngest Opera Singer Victory Brinker Breaks Record At Age Seven

Victory Brinker, 10 years old, became the world’s youngest opera singer at 7 years old. 

She participated in eight professional performances at the Lights and Legends show in Pittsburgh in 2019.

Victory is also one of the most memorable America’s Got Talent contestants, receiving the Golden Buzzer after wowing the crowd and judges. 

According to Guinness World Records, “Based in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (USA), Victory was adopted as a baby by her parents Christine and Eric Brinker, and shares her life with ten siblings. Two days before her sixth birthday, Victory asked her mom to show her who could sing the highest notes, quickly uncovering a curiosity and passion for the art of operatic singing.”

Brinker, who can sing in seven different languages said, “I love the challenge of the difficult arrangements, the technique required to sing, all the runs, and the different languages all the arias are written in.”

“No matter what I want to do next, she finds a way to help me to do it.  She is always cheering me on.” 

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